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  • 1  Analysis and Control of Surface Delamination Defects During Milling of Orthogonal Aramid Fiber-Reinforced Composites Laminates
    SHI Zhenyu DUAN Ningmin LI Xin WANG Zhaohui
    2020, 37(3):353-359. DOI: 10.16356/j.1005-1120.2020.03.001
    [Abstract](266786) [HTML](1424) [PDF 2.06 M](336899)
    The aramid fiber-reinforced composites (AFRC) can increase the durability of corresponding applications such as aerospace, automobile and other large structural parts, due to the improvement in hardness, heat build-up, wear properties and green environmental protection. However, because of its complex multiphase structure and unique heterogeneity and anisotropy, the poor compression fatigue resistance and the incident surface fibrillation are inevitable. To improve the assembly precision of AFRC, mechanical processing is necessary to meet the dimensional accuracy. This paper focuses on the influence of contour milling parameters on delamination defects during milling of AFRC laminates. A series of milling experiments are conducted and two different kinds of delamination defects including tearing delamination and uncut-off delamination are investigated. A computing method and model based on brittle fracture for the two different types of delamination are established. The results can be used for explaining the mechanism and regularity of delamination defects. The control strategy of delamination defects and evaluation method of finished surface integrity are further discussed. The results are meaningful to optimize cutting parameters, and provide a clear understanding of surface defects control.
    2  Lattice Boltzmann Flux Solver: An Efficient Approach for Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flows
    Shu Chang Wang Y Yang L M Wu J
    2014, 31(1):1-15.
    [Abstract](2558) [HTML](0) [PDF 4.92 M](2641)
    A lattice Boltzmann flux solver (LBFS) is presented for simulation of fluid flows. Like the conventional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solvers, the new solver also applies the finite volume method to discretize the governing differential equations, but the numerical flux at the cell interface is not evaluated by the smooth function approximation or Riemann solvers. Instead, it is evaluated from local solution of lattice Boltzmann equation (LBE) at cell interface. Two versions of LBFS are presented in this paper. One is to locally apply one dimensional compressible lattice Boltzmann (LB) model along the normal direction to the cell interface for simulation of compressible inviscid flows with shock waves. The other is to locally apply multi dimensional LB model at cell interface for simulation of incompressible viscous and inviscid flows. The present solver removes the drawbacks of conventional lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) such as limitation to uniform mesh, tie-up of mesh spacing and time interval, limitation to viscous flows. Numerical examples show that the present solver can be well applied to simulate fluid flows with non-uniform mesh and curved boundary.
    3  Analysis of the effect on ice fixed abrasives polishing pad by thickness of heat-insulating layer
    2015, 32(4).
    [Abstract](1011) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.22 M](2401)
    According to the principle of heat transfer in limited space, the thickness formula of heat-insulating layer is deduced through the conduction analysis in this paper. Polishing experiments are conducted with the same technological parameters. Compared with polishing experiments, the heat transfer model is proved to be right. According to the result of experiments, Polyurethane heat-insulating layer can effectively increase the service life of the ice fixed abrasive pad, and smooth melting rate in the process of polishing to improve the quality of polishing. Theoretical basis for research of temperature field of ice fixed abrasive polishing can be provided by the heat transfer model.
    4  多输入多输出雷达的非均匀线性阵列配置
    2011, 28(2):152-156.
    [Abstract](2104) [HTML](0) [PDF 180.16 K](2364)
    5  超高/超声速轴向运动梁的模态频率特性
    2011, 28(2):163-168.
    [Abstract](1663) [HTML](0) [PDF 209.16 K](2276)
    6  Unmanned Aerial System and Flight Control: A Review
    Pu Huangzhong et al
    2015, 32(1):1-8. DOI: 10.16356/j.1005-1120.2015.01.001
    [Abstract](1842) [HTML](0) [PDF 245.86 K](2229)
    To date unmanned aerial system (UAS) technologies have attracted more and more attention from countries in the world. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) play an important role in reconnaissance, surveillance, and target tracking within military and civil fields. Here one briefly introduces the development of UAVs, and reviews its various subsystems including autopilot, ground station, mission planning and management subsystem, navigation system and so on. Furthermore, an overview is provided for advanced design methods of UAVs control system, including the linear feedback control, adaptive and nonlinear control, and intelligent control techniques. Finally, the future of UAVs flight control techniques is forecasted.
    7  基于GIS的机场净空障碍物评定研究
    2011, 28(3):294-299.
    [Abstract](1583) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.82 M](2160)
    8  实心/空心杆结构的损伤容限与疲劳寿命估算
    Dura Hari Bahadur
    2011, 28(2):169-175.
    [Abstract](1679) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.21 M](2103)
    9  Jet Noise Reduction of DoubleMixing Exhaust System
    Shao Wanren Wu Fei He Jingyu Li Xiaodong
    2016, 33(2):129-136.
    [Abstract](818) [HTML](0) [PDF 7.89 M](2088)
    A jet noise reduction technique by using the external chevron nozzle with lobed mixer in the double-mixing exhaust system is investigated under cold conditions. The computations of jet field and the experiments of noise field are conducted with scaled model of high-bypass-ratio turbofan engine mixing exhaust system composed of external chevron nozzle with lobed mixer. The computational results indicate that comparing with the baseline nozzle with lobed mixer, the external chevron nozzle with lobed mixer increases mixing of jet and ambient air near the nozzle exit. The experimental results show that the external chevron nozzle with lobed mixer has better jet noise reduction at low frequencies, and this reduction rises with the increase of chevron bend angle. The experimental results also show that the external chevron nozzle with lobed mixer has sound pressure level (SPL) increase which is not obvious at high frequencies. With chevron bend angle increasing, SPL has relatively marked increase at 60°(directivity angle measured from upstream jet axis) and little fluctuations at 90° and 150°. The external chevron nozzle with lobed mixer has overall sound pressure level (OASPL) reduction in varying degrees at 60° and 150°, but it has little OASPL increase at 90°.
    10  Minimum attribute co-reduction algorithm based on multilevel evolutionary tree with self-adaptive subpopulations
    Ding Weiping
    2013, 30(2):175-184.
    [Abstract](1133) [HTML](0) [PDF 764.67 K](2054)
    11  Flexural capacity of RC beam strenthened with prestressed C/AFRP sheets
    Wang Xiaomeng
    2013, 30(2):202-208.
    [Abstract](1310) [HTML](0) [PDF 444.47 K](2042)
    12  群智能机制启发的传感器网络能量感知服务质量路由数
    2011, 28(2):192-198.
    [Abstract](1810) [HTML](0) [PDF 207.04 K](2030)
    13  高超声速飞行器自抗扰分数阶PID控制器设计
    2011, 28(3):240-245.
    [Abstract](1627) [HTML](0) [PDF 166.17 K](1999)
    14  Application of hybrid genetic algorithm in aeroelastic multidisciplinary design optimaization of large aircraft
    Tang Changhong
    2013, 30(2):109-117.
    [Abstract](1322) [HTML](0) [PDF 475.35 K](1964)
    15  使用液态化学循环的高热效率动力研究
    Childs Peter R N
    2011, 28(1):1-11.
    [Abstract](1596) [HTML](0) [PDF 269.18 K](1925)
    16  Adaptive hybrid Cartesian grid method for vortex-dominated flows
    Hu Ou
    2013, 30(3):221-226.
    [Abstract](1400) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.64 M](1873)
    17  Fast simulation of flows in shock tube with area change
    Zhu Hao
    2013, 30(3):260-263.
    [Abstract](1142) [HTML](0) [PDF 192.64 K](1833)
    18  Long-term rigorous numerical intefration of Navier-Stokes equation by newton-germes iteration
    Julius Rhoan T. Lustro
    2013, 30(3):248-251.
    [Abstract](1156) [HTML](0) [PDF 485.23 K](1804)
    19  Effect of contact angle hysteresis on droplet behaviors: Two-phase Lattice Boltamann simulation
    Wang Lei
    2013, 30(3):270-275.
    [Abstract](1380) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.94 M](1792)
    20  Modal discontinuous Galerkin method for shock wave structures
    Nam Tuan Phuong Le
    2013, 30(3):252-256.
    [Abstract](1290) [HTML](0) [PDF 250.24 K](1779)

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